About the Man To Know

About Steve Rousseau

I will be a  candidate for the Alabama House of Representatives District 6 in the 2018 Republican Primary.  District 6 includes Huntsville, Madison, Harvest, Monrovia, Toney, Ardmore,, and East Limestone.   

“As a small businessman, I can bring a straightforward and no-nonsense approach to Montgomery.  We are facing tough and trying times in Alabama, but there is much cause for optimism,”

“I wish to help usher in new and innovative ways to solve old problems.  My 37+ years of entrepreneurship helped to develop my creative skills in dealing with difficult challenges.”  

“I have been a policeman, small businessman, realtor, and salsa dancer.  Now I want to be your State Representative.  I’m ready to get started.”

I am the owner and operator of Rousseau’s Sporting Goods & Awards in Huntsville.  I am a licensed realtor in Alabama and Hawaii.    

I was formerly a Huntsville Police Department officer and ranger, and  twice received Policeman of the Year award during police tenure.  I am  a past president of Huntsville Fraternal Order of Police.   


    • President, Rousseau’s Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc. (Alabama C Corp)
    • Member Capital Club- Alabama Republican Party
    • Member of the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama,
    • Member The Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce,
    • Member – Madison Chamber of Commerce,
    • Corporate member (AUSA)Association of the United States Army.
    • Past President of the University-Sparkman Business Association
    • Member- The Huntsville Area Association of Realtors (HAAR)
    • Former member and rooster of “The Huntsville Jaycees.”
    • Member Tennessee Valley Republican Club (TVRC),
    • Member Madison County Republican Men’s Club,
    • Member The Pachyderm Club of North Alabama,
    • Associate member of Republican Women of Huntsville,
    • Associate member Downtown Republican Women.
    • Associate member Republican Women of Madison 
    • I am also a long time supporter of Bob Labbe’s “Reelin’ In the Years” on WLRH-FM
    • Recreation: I participate in partner dancing with several local dance groups including Swing Dancing, Salsa and other Latin dances, Blues dancing, and Ballroom dancing. I am also active in a local gym, and participate in daily fitness routines, including walking 8,000-15,000 steps a day.

What I think:

Steve Rousseau,is running for Alabama House District # 6, to be held June 5,  2018

    1. I will defend the principles of limited constitutional government, individual liberties, free market economics, and fiscal responsibility.
    2. Further, i will be very proactive in working to require State Government, its boards, employees, and programs to do the same, and validate their value to the whole.
    3. I believe in the concept of the ‘Fair Tax”, and the Alabama economic  Freedom act, (ala fair tax) and I am open to sponsor, co sponsor, and support said act and amendment when the LFO-Legislative Fiscal Office validates that the numbers work and that it is fair to all valid working groups. (Finance related, farming, Realtors, Rental Concerns, Manufacturers, Technology related, ect. )
    4. I support the laws we currently have in Alabama relating to abortion and birth control. I am pro Life.  If the recent court rulings that related to proximity to schools is not overturned by higher courts, we should pass legislation to fix the problem and maybe do so without said ruling overturning.


  • Against Common Core for Alabama Schools–for the trouble and expense, the virtues are not obvious to me.


  1. I support actions that would Take away or reduce taxes, on groceries.
  2. I am for, Zero based budgeting  – Among State Workers, Full time might need to go to part time, permanently or may for 6 months. Some legislators may have to specialize in concentrated budgeting processes.
  3. I am for Combined budgeting–One budget
  4. For, Doing away with most if not all earmarks in current state budgets.   Most require a good strong business evaluation to fix the problems found within the budget process, — I am that guy.
  5. I also support actions that would Take away or reduce, taxes on health and medical related supplies and equipment.
  6. All citizens that carry guns concealed, must have concealed carry permit period. I am against carrying concealed weapons in vehicles or on one’s person without proper permit from Sheriff’s office.
  7. I am for Legislation to force “solar friendly” relationships between Utilities and other entities including single citizen homes and business owners. Would mandate Utilities to give credit or  buyback electrical energy produced by solar panels. I realize some of this is allowed now, but it can be increased and should be encouraged more.
  8. We just have to work to make the operation of the state a value to the people that put up the money. It is not now what it can be.
Paid for by Committee To Elect Steve Rousseau, 4415 Evangel Circle, Huntsville, AL 3581